The mission of The Alexsandra Bilotti Foundation is two fold:
In the short term, we aim to ease some of the financial burden of families and loved ones of children battling all types of advanced pediatric cancers through the award of small stipends meant to help with some of the ordinary living expenses incurred during the child’s illness and recuperation. Ordinary stressors can divert, and even deplete, a family’s positive energies, whose restorative love and compassion is so critical to the child-patient’s improved health and overall well-being.
The end goal of The Foundation is a bold and ambitious plan to find a cure for Ewing’s Sarcoma, and in the meantime develop a means to screen for, or even prevent the occurrence of this disease, which attacks the bones and/or soft tissue, and is commonly found in young teens as was the case with this foundation’s namesake, Alexsandra Bilotti. A successful outcome in this scenario might well be applicable to a variety of “childhood cancers” which impact approximately 40,000 young people and their families each year.


The financial goals necessary for The Foundation to achieve it’s stated mission are as follows:
  • Raise and disburse annually to families of cancer-stricken pediatric patients through a system of stipends to those who exhibit a predcribed threshold of financial need for such funds. Recipients for stipend may be self-nominated or their nominations may be put forth by loved ones or close friends, their care team, or even by the patient him/her self.
  • The establishment of a $50,000.00 endowment at Alex’s beloved high school alma mater, The Episcopal Academy, Newtown Square, PA (www.episcopalacademy.org) which would award a scholarship each year to the student(s) most exhibiting AB’s love of their school and studies, whose families are facing difficulty with tuition.
  • The most ambitious, and arguably the most important goal of The Foundation is the establishment of a $1,000,000.00 endowed Chair at the phenomenally professional, qualified and trust-worthy Children’s Hosiptal of Philadelphia, dedicated to the study and research of the rare form of cancer, whose findings could be applicable to a host of advanced pediatric cancers.
  • No child should ever have to go through the suffering and sometimes stigma of this devastating disease. No family should ever be forced to witness a child’s often scary journey through the landscape of cancer.
Alexsandra’s Inspiring Speech March 16, 2012 РChapel Speech at Episcopal Academy